Louie Calma

Technical Sales Specialist - West

Louie started working with Arlon Graphics’ Technical Services in 2013.  By being part of a team whose goal is to bridge end-user’s demands to R&D and QA, he was able to gain both external and internal insights on how graphic films are designed, made, used and improved. His automotive background also allowed him to contribute ideas regarding technologies in the automotive industry that may affect a product’s design.

Being exposed to a variety of projects, he quickly showed a proficiency in applying graphics especially on vehicles. Ritchie took him under his wing to further improve his skills together with the top installers in the Canadian and US market. He works side-by-side with beginners and experts sharing valuable insights on how to better understand vinyl films from a product design perspective and explaining application techniques with a very interactive and enthusiastic approach. He also helps in developing various training programs and contributes in updating WrapItRight.com with tips and tricks he learned from constant interactions with customers both domestically and globally.