Beginner’s Guide

Sign and Graphics Installation

We feature a lot of different installation techniques, tips, and tricks on WrapItRight, and at a glance, it might seem hard to get started. However, it's not nearly as difficult as it looks. Here are some first steps you can take to get started in the sign and graphics installation industry.

1. Get to Know Your Tools

When it comes to installing graphics, there are a few tools you will need to get started. Putting together a toolkit will help you be ready for any job. Proper care and maintenance of your toolkit will not only make you look professional but will help you be prepared.

  • Felt-lined squeegees with different hardness
  • 30-degree Snap-off blade
  • Heat gun
  • Wrap glove
  • Painter’s tape or magnets

2. Learn About Cast Vinyl

Getting familiar with different types of vinyl film will help you know more about which films to use, and when. Watch the video below to learn the construction and benefits of cast vinyl film, the most common type of film for vehicle and commercial applications.


3. Learn a New Technique

Now that you have a toolkit and an idea of how cast vinyl is made and used, you may want to learn some new techniques.

Testing an Interior Wall for Media Compatibility

Before you apply graphics to a wall, you will want to be sure your film is compatible with the texture and materials of the substrate. Watch this video below to learn about the proper method for testing interior walls.


Creating a Clean Zone for Window Graphics

To ensure your window graphic applications are clean and smooth, you will want to create a clean zone. Learn from our own Ritchie Daize on the best ways to create a clean zone, a necessary step for each job.


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